Great British Traditions Paper Dolls

  • Model: Cute clothes for British Kids
Four little Brits, two girls and two boys, are ready to wear 32 costumes to represent the great traditions of the United Kingdom. Included among them are outfits for a Bobby, Guardsman, City Gent, Newsboy, Milkmaid, Milkman, Farmer, Boy Scout, Brownie, Ballerina and Shakespearean costumes. There are clothes for school kids; players of Soccer, Cricket and Rugby; Maypole and Morris dancers, and traditional costumes of Wales, Ireland and Scotland. Plus proper attire for horseback riding or walking in the rain to buy fish 'n chips. Londoner Lorna Currie Thomopoulos concepted this new paper doll book with collaborative assistance by David Wolfe.

This delightful book of Trans-Atlantic traditions is educational as well as entertaining, a reminder of the many traditions that helped make Britain Great! A must-have for anglophiles as well as a fun gift for kids.


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