Jazz Baby Paper Dolls by Kwei-lin Lum - Fun and fabulous 20s styles!

  • Model: Ships late-July 2024
Babe, a Jazz Baby, is immersed in late 1920s fashion. She is haughty and a bit wealthy, possessed of a big wardrobe for a rich and rather debauched life. She transacts business in town, sneaks whiskey at the office, frequents costumed parties and speakeasies, comes down on the day after, and on Sundays visits the folks. Babe was adapted from a folk art fashionista paper doll of a 1930s lady who had that killer look and cigarette in hand. Her costumes were taken from fashion illustrations and were also imagined after the artist, Kwei-lin Lum, became familiar with the low waists and slim lines of the era. But low slung didn't last forever, look out for a couple of rising waistlines from the tail end of the 1920s. 1 doll and 38 fashions plus vanity, hat stand and lots of accessories. Ships mid July, advance orders welcome!


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