B-Movie Bombshells Paper Dolls by Gregg Nystrom - JUST A FEW

  • Model: Sexy sirens of '50s Films
After the popularity of Gregg Nystrom's first paper doll book, Golden Age of Hollywood, we're pleased to present a new bevy of beauties in B-Movie Bombshells. Low-budget films of the 1950s are represented with a movie outfit for each of the 16 actresses:

Mari Blanchard in Abbott and Costello Go to Mars, Joan Collins in The Opposite Sex, Mara Corday in Foxfire, Bella Darvi in The Egyptian Faity Domergue in Cult of the Cobra, Anita Ekberg in Back From Eternity, Rhonda Fleming in Slightly Scarlet, Zsa Zsa Gabor in Queen of Outer Space, Joi Lansing in Hot Cars, Janet Leigh in Prince Valiant, Jayne Mansfield in The Sherriff of Fractured Jaw, and Debra Paget in Princess of the Nile. Plus Elaine Stewart, Barbara Nichols and Diana Dors. Just a few left in stock!


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