Fashion Originals by Jim Howard, Vol 2, Japan and Africa

  • Model: Exquisite fashion designs
The fashion world missed out on a great designer when young Jim Howard chose illustration as his career. He became famously successful, but always wanted to design as well as illustrate. Now he gets his chance to create "Jim Howard's Fashion Originals" for paper dolls. 

His second book, with 22 original designs, is inspired by two exotic cultures, Japan and Africa, each represented by a glamorous ethnic doll. From Africa come chic high fashions based on native dress, on prints, patterns and materials including animal prints and primitive arts and crafts. From Japan come elegantly refined creations inspired by ancient artifacts, graceful kimonos and delicate paintings. 

Jim's talent as an illustrator turns every page of this new book into a work of art from one of the most accomplished fashion artists of our time... and now, also a designer of original fashions for paper dolls.


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