Passport to the World Paper Dolls by Eileen Rudisill Miller

  • Model: Stylish wardrobe for chic ladies
Join two stylish friends as they travel the globe with a fabulous wardrobe for all occasions! Warm coats for Iceland, Copenhagen and Antarctica. Trendy looks for Rome, Shanghai, Paris and New York. African prints for shopping in Nairobi. Layered linens for the Australian Outback. Stylish sarong for Puerto Rico. Pretty eyelet gown for a night out in Greece. Traditional patterns for India and Abu Dhabi. And a Poncho for Machu Picchu! And don't forget your travel jacket, handbag, camera and passport!

Adding to the fun, you can make your own Passport Portfolio! Cut out the little passport, fold and fill with 14 gorgeous travel posters designed especially for this book! Imagine the fun you'll have traveling the world in paper doll style! A special edition by Eileen Rudisill (Rudy) Miller.


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