"Hi" from Ohio by Deanna Williams - hand colored/cut - JUST ONE

"Hi" from Ohio by Deanna Williams - hand colored/cut - JUST ONE
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  • Model: Very rare custom-made set!
This is a rare opportunity to have one of Deanna Williams' wonderfully creative paper dolls! An educator and world traveler, Deanna's interests stretched across time and continents, and she cleverly translated unique topics into paper dolls. She created sets in limited quantities of around 6-8 copies, each hand colored and hand cut, and displayed in special folders.

Here we have "Hi" from Ohio, a folder set with a 10 inch doll and 8 hand colored and cut costumes, each tucked into a unique scene representing various aspects of Ohio: Industry, State Flower, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Miss America, State Animal, Native Peoples, and Farming. The set is contained in an 8.5 x 11 inch folder and includes a tiny folder of hats/headpieces. This is #2 of a limited edition. The folder shows minor shelf wear with minor corner bends.

Partnering with Deanna's family (Deanna passed away in 2020), Jenny at Paperdoll Review has obtained the rights to reintroduce some of her sets as published books (available on paperdollreview.com). We're not able to turn every set into a book, so Jenny is offering some items from her extensive Deanna Williams collection for other collectors to enjoy. "Hi" from Ohio is one of those special sets!


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