Styles of the 1920s Paper Dolls by Rachel Cohen

  • Model: 70 Deco Fashion Items!
A fun collection of Roaring Twenties fashions! Dress three models in 70 fashionable clothing items celebrating the streamlined styles, geometric shapes and bold colors of the Art Deco era. The dolls share the same pose so you can dress all three in a big, stylish wardrobe of dresses, suits, coats, shoes, hats and handbags.

Artist Rachel Cohen created this collection referencing magazines, catalogs, sewing patterns and museum archives. (Dates are noted on a tab of each garment.) Hairstyles were based on those worn by actresses such as Anna May Wong, Louise Brooks and Marion Davies. Rachel also took inspiration from the photography of Florestine Perrault Collins, one of the few black female photographers of the 1920s. Illustrations by Rachel Cohen, color added by Julie Allen Matthews.


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