OPDAG - Paper Doll Studio Issue 117 - Project Paper Doll

  • Model: Project Paper Doll
Inspired by the design competition show Project Runway, we have a Project Paper Doll theme for this issue. Our artists present a fashion parade of paper dolls featuring their own designs, plus we've got a spectacular dress-a-doll with more than 75 costumes created for three categories: Red Carpet, Sportswear and Unconventional Material. There are elegant gowns, snappy suits and outfits made from postage supplies, flower petals, wrapping paper, Christmas crackers, candy wrappers and garbage bags. Plus costumes inspired by architecture, roses, butterflies, birds, vegetables, lily-of-the valley, and even a potted plant.

Featured on the covers is the brilliant work of Helen Johnson, who has been creating costumes from unconventional sources since the 1970s. Additional examples of her original creations are featured in Kwei-lin Lum's article, "Make Paper Dolls with Unconventional Materials."

David Wolfe tells us about a fashion designer of today, Rei Kawakubo, who has turned fashion into an art form. Rudy Miller reveals her step-by-step process of creating an Audrey Hepburn paper doll. This insight is helpful for artists and interesting for collectors! And after a 3-year break from our "News and Notes" column, we have updates from our managing editors, Brenda Sneathen Mattox, David Wolfe, Judy M Johnson, Kwei-lin Lum, Norma Lu Meehan, Eileen Rudisill "Rudy" Miller and Sylvia Kleindinst.

This colorful, creative issue is a must-have for paper doll collectors! We appreciate your support of our very special magazine.


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