Girl Power Paper Dolls

Girl Power Paper Dolls
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  • Model: Terrific Career Clothes!
Aspire to be anything you want to be! In this inspiring paper doll book, beautifully illustrated by Eilleen Rudisill Miller, four career gals can dress in career clothes including Doctor, Astronaut, Botanist, Chemist, Nurse, Veterinarian, Computer Animator, Management Information Systems, Architect/Mechanical Engineer, Airline Pilot/Flight Engineer, Civil Engineer, Environmental Engineer, Cinematographer, Film Director, Fine Artist, Conductor, Sculptor, Mathematician, Financial Analyst, Teacher, CEO, Police Officer, Firefighter, Electrician, Plumber, Chef, Lawyer, Ambassador, Senator, Congresswoman, President and Judge.

The four 10-inch high punch-out dolls are reversible and come with stands.


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