Aprons Paper Dolls - Vintage Aprons & Retro Hostess Tips

  • Model: 54 Retro Aprons from the 20s-60s
Play paper doll hostess with two dolls and 53 vintage aprons from the 1920s-1960s. Referencing her vast collection of vintage magazines and patterns, artist Judy M Johnson curated a charming wardrobe of aprons for eight quaint categories: Appliqué, Spots & Stripes, Plaids & Checks, Rick-Rack & Embroidery, This & That, Prints, Holidays, and Kitchen Pretties.

Set in a classic kitchen scene, the dolls, Florence and Helen, are adapted from vintage paper dolls. Their retro dresses make perfect backdrops for a multitude of apron options, or choose an outfit that combines an apron with a new dress. Edited by Julie Allen Matthews, the book is a nostalgic delight to look at or cut out! Martha Raively rounds out the book with an essay on "Aprons and the Domestic Goddess" and a sampling of "Retro Hostess Tips."


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