PD Review Magazine issue 77 - Pinocchio, Cinderella, Downsizing

  • Model: Plus Rosemary Clooney, more
Linda Ocasio tells the tale of Pinocchio and Cory Jensen treats us with his Blue Fairy paper doll. Marilyn Henry presents our favorite glass-slippered heroine, Cinderella, and rounds out her animal series with bears. Lorna puts the star spotlight on Rosemary Clooney who brightened the big screen in films such as White Christmas and entertained us with kicky tunes like “Mambo Italiano.”

Sheryl Jaeger and Martha Raively offer advice on what to do with a paper doll collection, with guidance on everything from donating to selling online to working with a dealer or agent. On our back cover we have a lovely Cinderella paper doll by Ralph Hodgdon plus a second page of clothes inside. Plus news from our Reader's Page, In the Kitchen and more!


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