PD Review Magazine issue 79 - Stripes, Postcards, Shirley Temple

  • Model: Includes dress-a-doll
There are lots of fun features in this super-sized issue! In her piece on flip books, Martha Raively shows how paper dolls can change costumes with the flip of a page. Kwei-lin Lum shares treasures from her paper doll postcard collection. Louise Leek spotlights paper dolls and pop-up books from the "The Dolls’ House" series. Our junior contributor, Evelyn Bradmon, writes about Shirley Temple. Fashion professor Amanda Hallay tells us the surprising story of stripes, and Lorna Currie Thomopoulos remembers Pierre Cardin.

This is our first issue combining OPDAG's Paper Doll Studio with Paperdoll Review, and we're pleased to show off the work of paper doll artists of today! The artist theme is "Stripes" and you'll see oodles of striped outfits for our dress-a-doll and a gallery of paper dolls designed to fit the theme. There's so much to enjoy in these 48 pages of paper doll goodness! Hope you'll give it a try.


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