The Quacker Family Paper Dolls and Play Scenes by Alina Kolluri

The Quacker Family Paper Dolls and Play Scenes by Alina Kolluri
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  • Model: Cute paper dolls and play scenes
Here's another charming set in Alina Kolluri's Woodland Friends series! The Quackers are a loving, growing family of mallard ducks. Mr. Quacker is an entrepreneur with his own "Quacker Oats" oat and fruit stand. Mrs. Quacker looks after her ever-growing brood of adorable ducklings. This set comes with two pages of costumes and accessories and two habitat pages, where you can insert the Quackers and their friends. One features a romantic little home for the newlywed and soon-to-be parents Mr. and Mrs. Quacker. Their egg-filled nest is tucked into a safe corner near the warmth of the fire pit. The second habitat is a pond scene for a family picnic, where the ducklings can frolic in their inflatable pool and the little pond. While the playful ducklings are watched over by their dad and nanny duck, Mrs. Quacker can sit on the picnic blanket and watch over her latest hatchlings. Yes, the Quackers brought their precious nest to the outing! Four 8.5 x 11 inch pages presented in plastic sleeves. This cute paper doll playset can be combined with others in the series!


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