PD Review Magazine issue 86 -Betsy McCall, Our World, Paisley

  • Model: Paper Dolls around the world!
Our paper dolls are heading out for adventures around the world! Our feature article takes us on trips with our favorite paper traveler, Betsy McCall, who wrote letters to her readers from interesting locales in the U.S. and abroad. Linda Ocasio examines the “Our World” series, created in the 1940s to teach American children about foreign lands. Karen Kurtz takes us on a Polar Expedition while Lorna tells us about the place she grew up—South Africa. Paris in Mexico? That’s the topic of an intriguing set from Kwei-lin Lum’s collection. Jenny Taliadoros tells the stories of "Little Americans from Many Lands, a special paper doll and storybook from 1929. And Valerie Keller delves into the rich history of the paisley pattern. The theme “World Adventures” offered an abundance of topics for our writers and artists. I hope you’ll enjoy the variety of paper doll art and articles in this enriching edition.


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