Esther Movie Clothes and Swimwear Paper Dolls

  • Model: MGM's Swimming Sensation!
Esther Williams was a unique movie star. Others acted, sang and danced. So did she. But she did something they did not. She swam. In scores of spectacular hit movies of the '40s and '50s, MGM's glamorous mermaid turned swimming into a form of water ballet and acrobatics. She becam a top box office star, talented and beautiful, even when soaking wet. This paper doll book by celebrated artist, Marilyn Henry, provides dolls of the sar with 8 pages of 50 fashion outfits from her famous films including Bathing Beauty, Easy to Wed, Neptune's Daughter, Skirts Ahoy, Texas Carnival, Dangerous When Wet, On an Island With You, and many others. Several of the bathing suits are available from Esther Williams' own line of swimwear.


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