Barbie I Can be Anything I want to Be Paper Dolls

Barbie I Can be Anything I want to Be Paper Dolls
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  • Model: Punch-out Barbie dolls & clothes
Barbie and her friends, Teresa, Nikki and Summer, can be anything they want to be with a big punch-out wardrobe and accessories for:

snowboarder, photographer, pet vet, race car driver, dentist, martial arts instructor, ballerina, chef, babysitter, police officer, nurse, pilot, movie star, lifeguard, ice skater, teacher, doctor, computer engineer, astronaut, marine biologist, gymnast, cheerleader, artist, news anchor, fashion designer, ocean animal trainer, and dancer. Or mix and match to dream up your own career!

A super way to introduce a young girl to paper dolls, and makes a great gift for Barbie collectors. There are 4 punch out dolls with stands and more than 30 outfits in all.


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