The History of Denim Paper Dolls by Tom Tierney - limited quantity!

  • Model: Denim duds through the ages
Two dolls, a handsome guy and a pretty gal, are dressed in denim through the ages and the book includes the never-ending tale of fashion’s most famous fabric. Tom Tierney, the most published paper doll artist of all time, turns his attention to the most popular fashion fabric of all time, denim, starting centuries ago when sailors and pirates wore workaday denim. Later it was dyed with indigo and become the blue jean fabric so familiar to us all. Denim went from being utilitarian to high fashion and that fascinating swing from overalls and workwear worn by cowboys, farmers and factory workers to expensive designer blue jeans worn by rock stars and fashionistas.

Collectors of Tom Tierney’s artistry and fashion history fans, too, will be delighted with The History of Denim Paper Dolls.


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