OPDAG - Paper Doll Studio Magazine issue 107


Model: Queens

We are thrilled to present another big, giant 64-page issue of Paper Doll Studio! More than 50 artists contributed art for our Queens theme. In addition to royal figures throughout history, we have princesses, queen bees, queens from playing cards, queen cats and dogs, carnival queens, queens of legend and lore, fairy queens, and even a drag queen or two.

Queen Elizabeth II has gone from dowdy to divine with a 12-page, glamorous new wardrobe for our dress-a-doll feature. David Wolfe provided a paper doll figure of the Queen as a young lady, and OPDAG artists created more than 70 new looks for her including formal gowns, designer clothes, casual wear and fanciful attire. The real fashions of Queen Elizabeth II are presented in an article by Brenda Sneathen Mattox along with paper dolls by Ralph Hodgdon and Tom Tierney.

David Wolfe highlights the films of Queen Elizabeth I along with a new paper doll of Cate Blanchett from the 1998 film Elizabeth. Also on display is Ralph Hodgdon's paper doll of Bette Davis in The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex.

Featured artist, Anita Barbour, depicts Hawaiian Queen Lili'uokalani for our front and back cover paper doll. Anita also provides watercolor tips for artists.

First time convention-goer, Sharry O'Hare offers a lively account of the 2013 Los Angeles paper doll convention. Plus, snippets from readers, editor updates, artist showcase and more! A glorious edition for paper doll fans, Anglophiles and royal history buffs.

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