Old Fashioned Children Paper Dolls

  • Model: Exquisitely painted costumes
Lushly illustrated by Evelyn Gathings, this paper doll book captures the Victorian era with beautifully detailed costumes, fancy accessories and charming page decorations. Dress Gerard and Emily in authentic outfits for church, a birthday party, fencing, ballet, a school play, a picnic in the woods, violin recital, kite flying, a trip to the beach, a visit to Grandmother's farm, horseback riding, ice skating and Christmas. Gerard has a set of toy soldiers and Emily can put on a tea party with outfits for her doll and teddy bear. There are 24 outfits in all plus dozens of hats, accessories, props and animals, all painted in exquisite detail. A gem for any paper doll collection or a wonderful way to introduce a young child to the Victorian era.


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