OPDAG - Paper Doll Studio issue 79 - The 1890s

OPDAG - Paper Doll Studio issue 79 - The 1890s
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  • Model: Fashions of the 1890s
Summer 2004 Issue 79 - The Gay Nineties.

The opulent era of the 1890s is displayed throughout this issue with paper dolls by our members plus our popular dress-a-doll.

Fashion illustrator, Norma Lu Meehan, talks about how fashion was influenced during the Victorian area. Brenda Sneathen Mattox gives is a view of life of the everyday woman during the 1890s. An interesting look at how 1890s fashions were depicted in movies of the 1940s is offered by David Wolfe. Coming from a background in fine art, featured artist Basia Koenig showcases her illustrations an paper dolls. Plus Carol Chapman gives us a list of reference books of 1890 fashions.

Cover art by Basia Koenig, color insert by Donald Hendricks.


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