The Sad Little Princess Paper Doll & Storybook

The Sad Little Princess Paper Doll & Storybook
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  • Model: Fairy tale story and paper doll
This is the story of Feodora, a beautiful, yet melancholy tsarina (a Russian princess), and the quest of her adoring father, the benevolent Tsar, who has offered half of his mighty kingdom to the suitor who can make his beloved daughter happy. Fate steps in, and the sullen tsarina finds true love where she least expects it! This special edition paper doll and storybook is a collaboration between celebrated doll artist, Stacia McDonough and the late Tom Tierney, the world's most prolific paper doll artist. There are two dolls, Princess Feodora and the Chimney Sweep-turned Prince, and six beautifully detailed costumes and accessories to cut out and dress.


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