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  • Model: Fun fashions for kids and pets!
Another fun collection of paper dolls from the colorful imagination of L. Hoerner. A companion to her first book, Paper Pals Paper Dolls, this offers 8 more cute girls, their adorable pets and 100+ fashions, accessories and toys.

Jazzy Jan and her tenacious terrier, Tuxie
Jilly Bean with her boisterous pig buddies, Biscuit and Bacon
JoBeth and her gutsy goat, Gretchen
Linda Lou and her silky-haired skunk, Sammy
Sassy Susie and her fashionable feline, Foxy
Tiny Tony and her pet pony, Penelope
Denise and her dog, Darby, and Jolly, her dollie
Hoshi and her kitty, KoKo, and her penguin doll, Chilly

The scrapbook style pages are filled with whimsical details. KoKo kitty has a wind-up mouse; Jazzy Jan reads bedtime stories to her Schnauzer, Tuxie; Sassy bakes kitty treats for Foxy; JillyBean has a box of Crunchy Corn Treats for her pot bellied pigs; Linda Lou feeds skunk kibble to her her silky-haired skunk, Sammy; and JoBeth's goat eats a paper doll book! Kids and collectors alike will enjoy these adorable paper pals.


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