PD Review Magazine issue 82 - Regency, Fanny Gray & more!

  • Model: Variety of art and articles
Articles include Ribbon Dolls by Evelyn Bradmon, the History of Fanny Gray (considered to be the first commercial paper doll) by Karen Kurtz, Bobby Socks by Lorna Thomopoulos, Louise Leek's Artist Feature on Barbara Barnett and Brenda Mattox's History of Hats part 2 (1850s-1950s). Our Regency Romance theme is represented by David Wolfe's articles on Regency Fashion and Regency on TV/Film plus many gorgeous paper dolls by artists of today including full page paper dolls by Jim Howard, Julie Allen Matthews, Bailey Holtz and Brenda Sneathen Mattox. The cover paper doll is from the 1934 Whitman book, "Historic Costume Paper Doll Cut-Outs," by Rachel Taft Dixon.


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