The Gobblers' Thanksgiving Day PD and Playset by Alina Kolluri

  • Model: Fun with Gertie & Gordy Gobbler!
You are invited to the Gobblers' cozy home for a special Thanksgiving dinner. Gertie Gobbler is a vegetarian, so she's prepared a cornucopia of tasty treats including butternut squash soup, corn muffins, biscuits, carrot cake and pecan pie. Set up a fabulous feast on two tables and a fun variety of food items, dishes and serving trays. Dress Gertie and Gordy in Pilgrim outfits, winter clothes and sleepwear. At bedtime, tuck them into their loft nest above the charming kitchen scene. There are oodles of cute things to discover, such as Gertie's knitting hobby, Gordy's fondness for forrest facts, and a deck of cards to keep the Gobblers entertained on rainy days.

The Gobblers' Thanksgiving Day play set comes on three 8.5 x 11 inch pages presented in plastic sleeves. Mix-and-match components from Alina's other delightful sets in her Woodland Friends Series.


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