Paperdoll Review Magazine Issue 55

Paperdoll Review Magazine Issue 55
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  • Model: Ann Blyth, Pet Paper Dolls, more
This issue offers a potpourri of paper doll subjects. Marilyn Henry offers a wonderful look at a rare 1930s paper doll book called Doll Town, illustrated by Rachel Taft Dixon. Tamara Gerard takes us to the circus with an in-depth article and lots of paper doll examples. David Wolfe puts the spotlight on movie star Ann Blyth and Karen Reilly provides a full color collectible paper doll of Joan Blondell.

We also feature early illustrator Edna Cooke, a how-to on journaling with paper dolls, and a charming piece on Paper Dolls and Their Paper Pups. Plus... In the Kitchen with Nell, Ned and Dolly Dingle, Book Reviews, paper doll memories from our readers and more!

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